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Family Child Care Homes

Family Child Care Homes Are State Licensed Child Cares Run by Families Within Their Homes

Wu Yee’s Early Head Start Family Child Care (FCC) Home program offers a familiar, nurturing environment and serve children between 3 months and 3 years of age. The program provides full-day, year-round comprehensive Early Head Start services in licensed FCC homes.

They allow siblings of different ages to stay together, have a smaller teacher-to-student ratio, and even offer flexible scheduling and nontraditional hours.

Each Family owned and operated child care is licensed by the state. To learn more about state licensing requirements, check out the State website.

Family Child Cares Support Community Businesses

Since Family Child Care Homes are owned and run by families in the community, they are an invaluable tool in uplifting and providing entrepreneurship opportunities within each community.

Family Child Cares naturally represent the communities they are found within.

Unique Learning Environment

In a home setting, children can learn through play and practical life experience. Since FCC homes often have multi-age group settings, children are also able to learn from each other.

A Nurturing Environment with Close Bonds

Smaller group sizes and low adult to child ratios mean that children can cultivate strong bonds with their caregivers. Educators can also work closely with parents on addressing the developmental needs of the children. The maximum capacity for a small license is 8 children and 14 for a large license.

Flexible Schedules

Family child care services can be part-time or full-time. Many family child care educators offer more flexible schedules of operation than child care centers, with more nontraditional hours, including evenings, weekends, and before or after-school care.

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