Chinatown Scavenger Hunt Event

event details for chinatown scavenger hunt

Historic neighborhoods like Chinatown represent an important aspect of the AAPI community and diaspora’s cultural heritage. Chinatowns were often formed as a result of inequities and racism perpetuated on a variety of levels. Some of these inequities included predatory lending practices, refusal to make sales of buildings, and the like. Despite all odds, Chinatown has thrived and prospered through the ages – however, it faces new challenges after COVID took a toll on local businesses and mom and pop shops. This is your chance to explore Chinatown while learning the history and understanding the complex historical, economical, and social factors that come together to create both its challenges and its strengths. We will conclude the night with a happy hour at the new Blind Pig Speakeasy which has opened in the historic Cathay House building.

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