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Understanding the impacts of trauma

We believe that every child deserves to live in a safe and loving environment. The social impacts of the current health pandemic have put even more children at risk for abuse than ever before. Physical abuse more than tripled during the early months of the pandemic. For National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we are sharing a series of videos to help educate about the impacts of trauma, how to identify abuse, and what to do if it’s suspected.

Over 50% of Americans will experience some form of trauma in their lifetime. The impact of trauma can greatly affect a child’s early development and later success in life. Traumatic experiences, like child abuse, not only impact the individuals but can also cause lifelong generational impacts on both families and communities.

We believe that no parent should have to go it alone when it comes to parenting and meeting the basic needs to support their family. We know that Family Resource Centers are often at the front lines when families are facing challenges. As trusted messengers in our communities, we have the unique opportunity to work with families during the most difficult stages of their parenting journey.

This past year, with support from Safe and Sound, Wu Yee’s Joy Lok Family Resource Center team created a series of informative videos for parents, caregivers, and helpers to learn about how trauma can impact individuals, families, and communities if left unaddressed. We also provided some tools to help identify child abuse, specifically child sexual abuse, and the steps to take if abuse is suspected.

It is our hope that these videos can be used as a tool to start the often-uncomfortable but necessary conversations around trauma and child abuse. Please feel free to share these at your next parent meeting, support group, or even a staff meeting.

For more information or resources, please contact First 5 San Francisco at first5sf.org or 628.652.7000.

Because when we stand up for children, we stand up for one another.

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