Happy Lunar New Year & Black History Month!


Happy Lunar New Year!

As we usher in the Dragon Year, we are filled with excitement and warmth. May this special occasion bring you joy, prosperity, and good fortune. Embracing the spirited presence of the dragon, let us journey into the new year with courage and enthusiasm. Wishing you a year filled with exciting adventures and success. Cheers to the Dragon Year and the wonderful future as it unfolds.

Further, we’re blessed to celebrate both Lunar New year and Black History Month this February. San Francisco is a wonderfully diverse city in which we have the privilege and blessing of experiencing cultures and backgrounds from all across the world. At Wu Yee Children’s Services, the activism that created the services that we provide to this day were the product of the hard work of Asian American women and activists who were inspired by the work of the African American activists of the Civil Rights before them. This year as well, we pay heed to the work of the brilliant people, communities, and cultural movements that came before us so we can look ahead to a bright future together.

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